Ending drunk driving through advanced technology

POLICY takeaction

Technology is being developed right now to prevent anyone from driving drunk. Ever again.

It’s called the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS). And with your help today, this lifesaving, cutting-edge technology can one day be installed in every new vehicles... ending drunk driving for good.

Click here to contact your legislators, calling on them to sponsor the ROADS SAFE Act, which will fund the research that will bring DADSS to the entire country, with the power to save thousands of lives a year.

The first test vehicle with DADSS technology has launched. It is a car that cannot be driven drunk because it automatically detects the driver’s blood alcohol level through special sensors as soon as the driver gets inside. If the driver is at or above the legal limit, the call will not start. It’s that simple.

Now, legislation has been introduced in both houses of Congress that makes sure the research on this lifesaving technology is completed, and gets to the road where it can save lives.

Please contact your lawmakers today to fight to get lifesaving DADSS technology on the roads.