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Jamie Sara Maier's Story

When Jamie was only a dream in her mom's heart and her older sister, Jody, was approaching her independent teen years ( only needing advice about boys and shopping help!), her mom was wondering what she was going to do with all her time and money. Her mom said, I know...I'll have another baby and when she found out the baby was a little girl, she was so excited. Jamie's mom loved princesses and beautiful dolls and now she would have another beautiful little girl to dress up and take to Disneyworld to visit the princesses. Someone to hold and kiss and teach about the beautiful things in life and how important love is.

So Jamie Sara Maier was born in Colorado on April 24, 1986 and she was so beautiful ! Jamie quickly grew into a sweet, smart little girl with long curly brown hair who loved to wear pink dresses and have her fingernails painted. She started singing Disney princess songs when she was 2 and by the time she was 4 she was singing Christine from the Phantom of the Opera! Jamie would always say to her mom "Mommy you be the boy singer and I'll be the girl"!!!

Ariel the Mermaid was born when Jamie was three and she would watch the movie over and over, and make pretend that the bean bag chair was the rock in the ocean where Ariel would sing and dream of her prince. Of course,Jamie's family would take her to Florida every spring to visit her princesses (and Disney did a great job of bringing lots of princesses in to Jamie's life! ). Jamie would have loved the Bippity Boppity Boutique if they had had it when she was little)

Jamie lived in the foothills of the mountains near the Renaissance festival in Colorado. Every summer the festival would camp near her house and on the weekends the traffic was so heavy that her family could not get out of their beautiful house in the
woods so they would invite friends over for brunch and a day at the festival. Jamie would always get her face painted and volunteer for all the little plays where the actors at the Festival embarrass the grownups! And as she was grew up, Jamie would always say to her mom "When I grow up, I want be famous!" And when she moved to Florida, Jamie said "Even if it is just a singer at Disneyworld, I want to be famous when I grow up." And Jamie is not going to grow up anymore, but she is famous! (More
about that later).

When Jamie was four, her little niece, Jessica Erin was born. A sweet but strong little girl more like a sister than a niece. Jessica
went on all the family trips to Disney, spent most weekends and all holidays at Jamie's house. They were very close. And, one cold snowy night in December when Jessica was six and Jamie was 10, Jamie's family got a call from the hospital that Jessica had been in an accident in her house and she didn't make it. Jamie's mom lost her only granddaughter and her sister, Jody, lost her only child, and ten year old Jamie lost her best friend. But in the all the pain of losing sweet Jessica, nobody realized how hurt Jamie was. She was a kid going outside to play and laugh and ride her bike.

It wasn't until Jamie's family lost her, that they saw how much losing Jessica affected Jamie. Jamie wrote in her diary to "her sweet angel Jessica" , she wrote poems for Jessica and she developed her little philosophy in life ( as she called it ).
"Nobody promises you tomorrow... so you need to be good today...and show the people you love, that you love them today." Jamie was heard preaching this "philosophy" to her friends trying to make them be good. And Jamie wrote a book of letters that she told her sister, Jody, to find if anything happened to her. A book filled with her words of wisdom for her friends and family and how important she thought love was. She also wrote a song for Jessica- "One More Day With My Sweet Angel." Jamie recorded it on a cd and asked her mom to mail it to American Idol. Her mom listened to it on the way to the post office ( big mistake!!) Jamie said it was for Jessica. She said "if you lost someone you loved, you would want one more day with them" (how true). Jamie's mom found this song on the computer in Jamie's voice after she died. And her mom's very good friend, Jose Rada, put background music to Jamie's song and put it on a beautiful video of Jamie when she was happy and having fun with her family and friends.

Jamie lived in Colorado near the strong and beautiful mountains, where she became a strong young lady and learned to appreciate the beauty in nature and sun and blue skies. Then her family moved to San Francisco, where she fell in love (her
first love with Kevin) and learned to love the diversity in people and the beauty of the ocean.

Her next adventure was to Florida. She didn't really want to leave her Kevin, but she looked at the positive of the future (and lots of sunshine!) and told her mom "You move out there first and I will start school here and then transfer after the first month." Her
plan was to have all her friends in California be able to say goodbye to her ( poor Jamie having to move 3000 miles away)
and then she would be the new girl in school in Florida from California! (such a good planner!) Jamie set up a week at each of her girlfriends' houses for that month and then a plane trip across the country by herself. Such a determined girl!

It didn't take Jamie long after she arrived in Florida to find a boyfriend! (her family thought she had quite a few young men wanting to be her boyfriend!) but Sean was the one! And, now, Disneyworld was just 5 hours away! When she moved here, Jamie
discovered on the Internet that her family could get Florida resident passes for Disneyworld "really cheap!" and they could go to Disney every weekend ! Her mom said that that would be really cheap! Jamie then told her mom that they had a Cinderella wedding there and it was only $75,000! She said the fireworks were more, but she didn't need them. And then she told her
mom (I guess she saw her mom's face!) "Don't worry, mom, I asked Sean's mother if she would pay for half and she said yes!"
Jamie's mom said "that's my baby...always planning ahead!"

Jamie made lots of friends in Florida, but still kept in touch with her friends in Colorado and California. The week before she died, Jamie saved her points on Southwest to travel to California and visit all her friends before school started. Jamie used to stay up
late texting and e-mailing her friends all over the country- giving advice and loving her friends. She would often leave notes on the counter for her mom about how much she loved her.. And could she have $5 for gas!!! But only sometimes did she ask for something...mostly her notes were about love. "I love my mommy...always and forever" or "goodbye, mommy. Love Jamie. Don't forget your pumpkin!"

Jamie went to Sean's prom with him. She brought his shirt to the mall with her mom to find a top that was the same color.
She found a top that looked like it was all cut up. Her mom asked why we were paying money to buy something that looked all cut up?" Jamie just looked at her mom and said "It's the style!" (Later when her mom found the picture in her scrapbook of them at the prom- she saw that the bottom of the shirt was cut off to her midriff!!! Jamie fixed it herself!!) Late that night at the prom, Jamie told Sean that he needed to call his mom to come pick them up because she was not going to ride home with the
kids they rode with because they had been drinking ( Jamie didn't want to get hurt). Sean later told Jamie's mom that
he said "I can't call my mom, it's 3 o'clock in the morning." He said that Jamie put her hand on her hip and said "Do you want me to call my mom?" He called his mom and the next day his mom called Jamie's mom and said she was proud of Jamie because she knows that Sean would have gotten in the car with his drunk friends.

And, then one night in August, when Jamie was sweet sixteen, Jamie's girlfriend asked for a ride to a party in Pembroke Pines. Jamie tried to get someone else to pick her friend up, but could not. So she picked her up and took her. When they pulled in
the driveway, one of the boys there came to Jamie's side of the car and heard her tell her friend " I see that guy who sells drugs to the kids and I don't think this is a good place for you to be tonight...you'll be 18 next month...why don't you come to my house and we'll go to the beach tomorrow" ( Jamie loved the beach) The boy saw Jamie look before she backed out of the driveway- he looked too... the headlights she saw where way far off...plenty of time to back out and be gone.

The car that was speeding down Johnson Street with a drunk driver behind the wheel, was going 115 mph 5 seconds before he hit the side of Jamie's car and 108 mph 1 second before he hit her car and he never stepped on his brake until 1 second before impact. The State proved the speeds because of the black box in his car (the computer that tells the airbags if they should
deploy or not). He killed a sweet beautiful girl and her friend. He was drunk and he had two previous DUIs. And
in the state of Florida, if you have previous arrests and cause bodily injury or death in a car crash (it's not an accident when you get behind the wheel when you are impaired) you will be sentenced to serve 85% of your sentence. He was not a kid; he was 47 when he killed Jamie and her friend. He will be 72 when he comes up for parole.

But Jamie's mom doesn't think about him anymore. Jamie's philosophy about love teaches us that we need to be good today because no one promises us tomorrow. His story has to be told because it could be so many good people's story. Good people
sometimes make bad decisions and getting behind the wheel of a car when you are drunk or impaired or angry or in a hurry or talking on a cell phone or hear that text beep and pick up the phone, is a danger to yourself and to our loved ones.

And Jamie's family always believed in the secret- if you give out negative- you will get back negative and if you believe in positive (love is positive) and that's what you give- then that's what you will get back (Jamie's grandma always told her mom "the bible says you will get back tenfold of what you give out") So positive or love is what Jamie's family believes in.

Jamie had a lot of plans and dreams she wrote most of them in a journal in her room. One was to be a famous singer (even at Disneyworld) and another was to help people mostly children after she got out of college. The summer that Jamie lost her
beautiful, special life, she was working two jobs a full time day job and a night job. Before she got those jobs, she rode her bike three miles after school every day to work at Arby's. Jamie had a job for awhile at Papa John's pizza until the DM found out she was under 16 and was not supposed to be selling beer. The manager told her mom that she was the best employee he had had in years and for her to come back when she turned 16! And Jamie was also a straight A student. She had asked to transfer to Western High School that summer because she thought it would be better for her for college. The day her family buried her was the day they were supposed to register her for Western High.

But mostly, Jamie was just a sweet, loving daughter, sister and friend who just wanted others to be loving.

In April of 2007, one of Jamie's friends, Mike, called Jamie's mom and said he was going on a fishing trip to the Bahamas with some friends from work but he would be at the cemetery for Jamie's birthday. He never made it . His plane crashed in to the ocean and we lost another fine young person. Mike wrote an e-mail the month before he died that he was not sad about Jamie dying anymore because when she was alive she could only help one person at a time...Whoever she was with...but that now that she was in the spirit...she could help everyone...all at the same time. And when Jamie's mom read his e-mail, she shared it with his mom (Mike was an only child and only another mom who has lost their child knows what it feels like to loose a child)
and she knew that Mike was right. That Jamie COULD help everyone...all at the same time. It was time for Jamie's mom to stop feeling sorry for herself that she lost her beautiful child and it was time to help Jamie start helping others... to know how important love is and living everyday as if it could be your last. No pain only happiness and love.

So Jamie's mom started telling Jamie's story and now four years later and over 50,000 people in person have heard Jamie's story and each has a picture of Jamie. And many more people have heard about Jamie on TV. So now Jamie is getting one of her dreams...to be famous. And she is helping people because her mom sees people sometimes a year later that still carry Jamie's picture and believe that she is helping them...and she is.

This is what Jamie left for her family and friends...so many friends and people she loves!

And her family received a blessing. They never thought there would be another grandchild, but in 2005, Ella Rose was born.
She is a sweet and strong little girl like her mom and Aunt Jamie and sister Jessica. And when she was 4 years old, she was at one of her grandma's presentations about Aunt Jamie and her love. And her Grandma asked her to come up and say hello. When her Grandma picked her up in her arms, she asked Ella what she tells people who drink beer and Ella said " Please don't drink and drive" then her Grandma Rose said " Ella, where is your Aunt Jamie now?" Ella put her little hand on her heart and
said "Aunt Jamie is in all our hearts now Grandma."

And Jamie's family and friends hope that Aunt Jamie is in your heart and that you will be safe and remember how important love is in your life.

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