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Patricia Gurka was a loving, giving, compassionate mother of 4 whose life was taken too soon. Only 47 years old, she was killed by a drunk driver on August 11, 2012 after the car she was a passenger in slammed into a pole and ejected her even though she was wearing her seatbelt. Our mother was also a grandmother to 2 beautiful grandchildren, never to know her other grandchildren that have yet to come along; she should have seen all of them grow up, graduate, get married, maybe even see them have children. She was a nurse at a long term care facility where she was loved by her patients as she eased their suffering and brought them joy with her positive attitude and love for life. She always saw the positive in every situation, which also happened to be her downfall, as the driver of the vehicle was her boyfriend, who was the drunk driver, had been arrested for DUI and who was driving with a suspended license. The laws should have protected our mother, but a light in the world has gone out and we never want others to suffer the way we have. We never want those who knew her to forget her-because those who love her never will.

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xu_t hi_n
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t_c là
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mong mu_n
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mang tên
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c_ trung b́nh
coi là
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g_y y_u
c_n s_t
c̣n ch_ ǵ
c̣n có
c̣n _i_u ǵ
c̣n góp thêm ph_n
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c̣n khi_n cho
tr_ em
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nam nhi
vô t_
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quy tŕnh
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xă h_i
k_t qu_
ích l_i
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công khai
công n_ng
công ngh_
công s_
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__i tác
liên h_
n_i dung
di_n bi_n
c_ th_
c_a ḿnh
c_a chúng ta
cua bi_n
c_a nó
c_a khá nhi_u
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siêu th_
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c_a pḥng
toàn b_
c_c l_n
c_c ḱ
c_c shock
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t_t nh_t
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c_ng s_
h_ tr_
c_ng cáp
cùng xem nhé
c_ng là
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c_ng t__ng t_
cùng h_a __ thi_t k_
c_ng t__ng __i
cùng nhi_u
c_ng nh_ v_y
c_ng t__ng t_ nh_
cùng v_i s_
cùng v_i
_áp _ng
tr_n chi_n
game show
cu_c s_ng __i th__ng
cu_i cùng
vào cu_i tu_n
thu hút
c__ng l_c
nóng v_i
nuôi n_ng
_ă bi_t thành
_ă bi_n __i thành
_ă bi_t ph__ng pháp
_ă chi_m l_nh ___c
_a zi n_ng
_a d_ng
_ă có l_n
phong phú
_ă t_ng __n
_ă t_i khi
_ă không c̣n
_ă h́nh thành
_ă nh_n
ph_n l_n
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nhi_u ng__i
h_u h_t
_ă tr_ thành
t_ng t_o ra
__c bi_t là
__c tr_ng
khác l_
d_c c_m
_i_m l_u ư
__c quy_n
__c s_c
__i di_n thay m_t
kh_ kh_o
dài ra h_n
dài lâu
d_i ngân hà
_ám _àn ông
__m x̣e công s_
thanh n_
_an c_nh
Dân Công Ngh_
t_ t_
gia d_ng
lao vào
_ang _n m_c
dáng dài
__ng c_p và sang tr_ng
_ang làm vi_c
_áng chú ư
_ang __n
d_ng _eo
_ang khi_n
__ng kư tham gia d_ thi
__t __n Hàng
__ng t_i
_áng ti_c
t_m dáng
_ang yêu th__ng nhau
_ang yêu
d_ th__ng
h́nh dáng
_ánh chi_m
dành cho
ghi l_i
_ào b_i
__o lu_t
ra ph_
sa th_i
_áp _ng __y __
th_a măn nhu c_u
ph_c v_
giành danh hi_u
__t di_n
__t hàng
giành gi_i
__t ng__ng
giá thành cao h_n
__t t_i m_c
t_ qu_c
__ ra
d_ li_u khách hàng
_âu ch_ có
_âu __y
__u n_m m_i
không ph_i c_
m_c dù th_
th_ nh_t
__u tu_n
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_ây chính
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dây t__ng __i dài
dây mang
tr_n v_n
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__y là
__y lên
_ó luôn luôn là
t_ng m_nh
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_è b_p
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làm cho
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__ ch_a __ v_t
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