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During spring vacation when she was 15, my daughter Alisa went to stay overnight at her best friend Leana's house.

That evening, two senior boys stopped by and asked if the girls could come out and visit the go-cart tracks with them. Leana's parents said "Yes."

The boys really had a different plan. They picked up cases of beer hidden in the woods and drove the girls to a pond. They all hung out there while the boys drank. The trip back to Leana's was four miles on country roads. The driver, who was intoxicated by this time, decided it would be fun to scare his passengers.

He reached 120 mph and lost control. The car veered into the woods and hit a guard rail. That rail tore off the car's entire right side, where my daughter was sitting. Alisa was thrown from the car into dense woods. A surgeon spent hours trying to put her organs back in place. The last time I kissed her and told her I loved her, she was unconscious on the gurney. Alisa died that morning at 4:30 am.

She was my precious miracle child. The doctors worried that she might have a heart condition when she was born, but she was born big, strong and healthy. From the day she began walking, she began dancing. That was her passion and what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

When we lost Alisa, I shuffled between the bed and the couch in a state of rage. But then I realized that I was hurting myself and my family, not the people at whom I was angry. So I decided to release that anger and put that energy into something that would make a difference. I wanted to do something meaningful.

Now, I'm a MADD victim advocate, helping people go through the toughest points in their lives. I'm a MADD speaker, talking to offenders, helping them and hoping that they will choose not to recommit their crimes. I'm a MADD policy advocate, proud to fight for stronger drunk driving laws and helping to save lives.

The time my husband Joe and I work with MADD is time I get to spend with Alisa. It's the three of us father, mother and daughter together again, together forever, making a difference.

I hope you'll join me in our meaningful work.

Thank you for reading Alisa's story and I'd love to hear your stories on why you are working to eliminate drunk driving.

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