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Libertyville Walk Like MADD

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August 3, 2014
9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. (Opening ceremony starts at 10:00 a.m. and the walk starts at 10:30 a.m.)
Our Event Goal: $25,000.00

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14 teams and 127 participants have raised $15,060.00

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Walk like MADD is your chance to do something about drunk driving in our community. This year, thousands of people in over 60 cities around the nation will participate in 5K events to eliminate drunk driving from our roadways. Will you join us? See all Libertyville updates »

Top Teams:

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Friends and Family

  1. Team Danielle - $3,735.00
  2. Team Kayla - $1,085.00
  3. Nicholas - $465.00

Top Participants:

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Walker - Adult

  1. Bronze Level Fundraiser Charlotte Kormendy - $370.00
  2. Luz Barrera - $220.00
  3. Bonnie Konemann - $220.00
  4. Rozella Barlow - $200.00
  5. Kelly Kennelly - $170.00

Virtual Walker - Adult

  1. Helen Cassidy - $75.00
  2. Kristin Durlak - $25.00
  3. Richard Trevithick - $25.00
  4. Carlita Trevithick - $25.00
  5. Belinda Robles - $25.00

Walker - Youth

  1. Stephanie Baker - $20.00
  2. Ashley Hoffman - $20.00
  3. Becca Russo - $20.00
  4. Matthew McGullam - $20.00
  5. Hannah Baker - $20.00

Why We Walk

Danielle was just beginning her adult life, at 22 she worked full time as a hair stylist and was going to college full time. She was on her way to getting into the dental hygiene program with her sister Savannah.

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Event Details

This event is your chance to lace up your sneakers and get involved in stopping drunk driving in our community. Drunk driving is still the primary cause of death on our roadways. But by signing up for this event and raising funds on behalf of MADD, you are making our families and community safer.

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Will you take your commitment to the next level and become a volunteer? If you are more than 14 years of age and dedicated to eliminating drunk driving, then we need your help to make Libertyville Walk Like MADD Walk Like MADD a success!

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Questions? Contact Sam Canzoneri  |  |   630-541-6099