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Click below to see what legislative activities MADD is spearheading in your state*. From there, you can send a personalized letter or e-mail to your representatives about the issues important to you. By participating, you will help pass legislation to keep our roads safe from drunk driving and to prevent underage drinking.

It takes only two minutes, but the impact can last a lifetime.

Thank you for your help in advocating for life-saving legislation in your state. Be sure to visit regularly to see updates on our progress and to support new legislative initiatives.

*You can only participate in the campaigns in your state, including pending federal legislation.

We thank you for your concern and your active participation in the legislative process.  And, remember, every letter counts!

Life-saving legislation in your state:

Oppose SB 384 increasing drunk driving in California

California: Improve our drunk driving law

Support ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers

Life-saving federal legislation:

Support a Stronger Child Endangerment Law
Every child deserves a designated driver. Please help improve the DUI Child Endangerment law in your state.